Ensure 24x7 Medical Help for your family.

An IIT Bombay and AIIMS Delhi Team Initiative.

Unlimited First Aid and
Ambulance Trips

To make your life worry-free,
HelpNow brings trained first aid
and ambulance any number of times you need.
Day by day, accident and health related emergencies are increasing. We got help ready for you!

Priority treatment at
Hospitals, and more

We know how tiring hospitals can get. No-
treatment until money, filling endless forms, delay
in discharge. To ease this, HelpNow has partnered
with top govt. and private hospitals to provide
priority treatment to our families. With zero
formalities and subsidised treatment charges, get
hotel-like experience at hospitals.

10 minute response in
Mumbai and Suburbs

Time plays a pivotal role in any emergency.
Sometimes just a few minutes can dictate
one's fate. We take this very seriously at HelpNow
and commit ourselves to delivering the quickest
help. Our ambulances are strategically positioned
near your home, work place and accident-prone
spots of the city. Your safety is 24x7 assured!

Free Health checkups
and wellness sessions

Keep track of your health and vitals on auto pilot.
Every three months we organise a health and
wellness activity near you. This includes full-body
Blood check, General Physician checkup, Diet
counselling, Blood donation drive, Stress and cardio
test, Ayurveda session and more.

in association with

Indian Institute of
Technology, Bombay
AIIMS New Delhi
American Heart Association

Join over 3,000 Families in Mumbai!

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Get ₹150 Cashback for referring each new family.


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